Process – Oxidisation

Day 6 of the jewellery Insta challenge, and I’m still going strong. The prompt today is Process, so I thought I’d share a series of pictures showing the process of oxidising and polishing one on my moon-gazing hare pendant sets.

The roughly polished silver pieces are dropped into a warm solution of liver of sulphur (that’s the yellow stuff in the mug). As a side note, it smells absolutely terrible, like the rottenest eggs you can imagine, so always use it in a well-ventilated room. OK, health and safety lecture over. The solution turns the surface of the silver a dark slatey-grey to black colour.

What you do with it next depends on the effect you want to achieve. If you have a textured surface, you can give it a light buffing, polishing the raised areas, but leaving the dark colouration in the dips. In this case, I polished the hare and the moon to a shine, and left the background dark.

This little hare is now finished, and is looking for a lovely new home. Find him in my Etsy online shop, together with more designs from my Tiny Creatures collection.


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