A Snowy Walk

February has been a wet and windy month on the whole, with a bit of snow thrown into the mix this week. With yet another storm approaching at the weekend, I decided to take advantage of a break in the weather today, and head out from Alwinton up Clennell Street, cut across to Copper Snout, and return via Pass Peth. I set off in sunshine, and the lower slopes were clear of snow.

Clennell Street gradually became snowier and snowier as I climbed, and I was glad of some track marks to walk in, rather than trudging through the unbroken snow.

There’s a slight gap in the pictures here, on the stretch between Clennell Street and Copper Snout. I should really have taken a photo of the fence (and path) disappearing under a huge snow drift, and reappearing after a couple of hundred yards, but I was distracted by the floundering through knee deep, occasionally thigh deep, snow! It was worth it though. 

The walk along the ridge of Copper Snout and back down into the valley was wonderful, with some spectacular panoramic snow scenes to both sides. The view back up the dale from the final climb along Pass Peth (just about) took my mind off my aching legs. That climb really is a bit of a sting in the tail of this route, and it’s harder going in the snow.

I’ll definitely be walking this route again, hopefully on a sunny day next time.

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