Spirals of Silver

I started making these spiral designs before christmas, and the hoop earrings have proved popular already, as you can see from this lovely review.

The designs are formed from sterling silver wire, coiled by hand into spirals, then hammered with the edge of a hammer.

They are oxidised, then polished, which emphasises the texture, and gives the silver a lovely mellow patina.

The collection is inspired by the spiral shapes that occur in nature, found in snail and sea shells, the centre of sunflowers, the tendrils of climbing plants, and the unfurling fronds of bracken and ferns.

The spiral is also a common theme in celtic art and mythology, where it represents a transition from the inner to the outer world, and symbolises the infinite.

I have recently created some new spiral designs, and the collection now includes earrings, a necklace, pendant, bracelet, and ring.

You can find all of these designs, together with my other collections, in my online shop.

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