Latest Designs: Snowdrops

I always look forward to the appearance of the first green spears of snowdrops in January. Although the bulk of winter is still to come, they do seem to bring with them the promise that spring will indeed come. In French, they are called perce-neige, literally snow piercer.

I think of snowdrops as a quintessential part of the English landscape, but apparently they are not native flowers, and were introduced by monks in the fifteenth century.

Snowdrops are the birth flower for the month of January, and they are associated with the feast of Candlemas in February. In the language of flowers they stand for hope, purity, humility, and gratitude.

According to folklore, it is unlucky to bring a single snowdrop into your house, and picking them before Valentine’s Day means you will not marry within the year, which may or may not be an issue for you!

I have made jewellery inspired by snowdrops each spring to the past few years. This year, I decided on a design similar to the meadow flowers that I made last summer. The gracefully curved stem was a bit of a challenge, and the tiny flowers were very fiddly to work with, but I’m pleased with how they turned out.

You can find my snowdrop pendant and earrings in my online shop. They would be a lovely gift for anyone with a late winter or early spring birthday, or indeed if, like me, you just enjoy seeing them bloom.

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