March Landscape: Snowy Scene

These aren’t the sort of pictures that I was expecting to be posting for my March landscape, but it really has been a month dominated by snow. We had three days of heavy snowfall and high winds, which caused massive drifts amd blocked the road for nearly a week. Just as that lot finally melted, we got some more, luckily not so much, and without the drifts.

It was a pain not being able to get out in the car for a few days, but the countryside did look very beautiful.

The pictures below show the road out of the village, with the snow nearly up to the hedge tops, and the drifts above my head once it was finally cleared.

I’m really hoping that’s it as far as snow is concerned, and that my April landscape will feature sunshine, spring flowers, and gambolling lambs.

One thought on “March Landscape: Snowy Scene

  1. Absolutely stunning pictures. If its any comfort, I drove through your old terroirs yesterday and was mostly crawling through blizzards. Anything about 700 metres was treacherous but as you know, there is really no way to avoid the altitudes when travelling from Cantal to Isère … 🙂

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