Latest Designs: Poppy Flowers

silver poppy pendant

The snow that I posted about last week has finally melted, our broadband connection has been reinstated, and things are pretty much back to normal here.

I did use the few days of being snowed in wisely, catching up with some reading, and completing some new jewellery designs. The first are these poppy pendants and earrings. Slightly unseasonal, but I’m looking ahead to summer!

I already make a range of designs which feature just a poppy flower, but I wanted to incorporate the stem. The idea for these came to me whilst I was working on some other floral designs. They are smaller and slightly daintier than my other poppy pieces. I’ve tried them in both silver, and copper and silver, and I’m not sure which I prefer. Any thoughts?

I do love poppies. Bold and beautiful, they are one of the quintessential summer meadow flowers.

In recent years, they have become associated with remembrance, but in the language of flowers poppies are associated with the imagination, whilst the red poppy represents pleasure. The poppy is also one of the birth flowers for the month of August.

Find all my poppy designs, together with a range of other meadow-inspired designs, in the Bilberry and Birch shop. 


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