Snowed In

Well, that’ll teach me to talk about signs of spring. Since my last post, it has snowed every day. Sometimes all day. Our village, indeed the whole of Upper Coquetdale, is now pretty much cut off from the outside world. Roads are closed across the county, including the A1, the main north/south road.

Luckily we stocked up on supplies at the weekend, and we have electricity, and heating, so we are in a much more fortunate position than the many people stranded on buses and trains, and in cars, or left without power.

We have, however, lost our broadband connection, which may or may not be related to the snowfall. So no further snowy photographs for the moment, as I don’t think my mobile signal is up to it.

Happy Spring. All I can say is, here’s to the thaw!


4 thoughts on “Snowed In

  1. Keep safe and warm. We’ve only had a bit of snow here in the west of Ireland but the south and east of the country have it a lot worse.

  2. We have plenty of store cupboard food, including long life milk, plus oil fired heating and a woodburner, so we’ll be fine. Luckily my work shifts have been cancelled, so we don’t have to get anywhere in the car until it’s cleared. I feel really sorry for the local farmers, trying to get around to check and feed their livestock.

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