Latest Designs: Meadows and Flowers

You’d be forgiven for thinking that I haven’t actually made any pieces of jewellery for months. The last time I posted any pictures seems to have been October of last year. In truth, I have been very busy, firstly preparing for craft fairs in the run up to Christmas, then working to replace the items that I sold.

Now that we’re well into the new year, I’m starting to work on some new designs. Despite the cold, snowy weather we’ve been having, my thoughts have turned to summer, and to meadows and flowers.

These designs were inspied by the seed heads, or clocks, of dandelions.

I have experimented with making the earrings in both silver (as in the main picture), and copper and silver. It gives what is essentially the same design a very different feel. I like both, but I think the copper just edges it for me. The contrasting background really emphasises the silver of the seed heads.

The second set of designs are floral. I didn’t have a particular flower in mind, but in retrospect I think they owe something to these hollyhocks.

Again, I’ve gone for both silver, and silver with copper. Funnily enough, I prefer the all-silver versions of this design.

I’m already working on some new pieces based on poppies, and I fully intend to be much more diligent about posting pictures here in future, so watch this space.

In the mean time, all of the designs shown here are now available online from the Bilberry and Birch shop.


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