Evanescent: Bracken

The bracken is just starting to appear on the hillsides around the house, and I captured this spike in the process of unfurling when I was out walking last week. I love the almost-symmetrical crown on top, where the leaves are still curled up, and haven’t quite opened out yet. It looks like an art nouveau motif, rather than a living plant.

It’s a perfect example of this week’s photo challenge, which is ‘evanescent’. It means “Soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing” according to the Oxford Dictionary. And yes, I did have to look it up.

I’m certain that had I passed by a little earlier or later, this particular spike of bracken would have looked completely different, and that beautiful, intriguing shape would either have been tightly rolled, or else fully open. I caught it at just the perfect moment.

There is much else that is evanescent over on The Daily Post blog.

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