Weekly Photo Challenge: Security

ewe and lamb

The fields all around us are suddenly populated by tiny lambs, and the air is full of their plaintive, high-pitched bleating. It’s a lovely sight, as few baby animals are so full of wobbly charm as a lamb, and it means that spring really has arrived.

The ewes can appear to be fairly casual mothers at times, leaving their little ones in an odd corner of the field whilst they wander off grazing, but they all know the cry of their own lamb or lambs, and will either call them over, or hurry back, if they sound distressed. The lambs themselves grow bolder as the weeks go by, but they always seem happy to return to the security of the ewe’s side.

I have quite a large collection of photographs of sheep. This one, taken in the Yorkshire Dales a few years back, is one of my favourites, as the lamb’s facial markings make it look as if he or she is smiling in contentment.

There are some vary varied responses to this week’s photo challenge, and you can see some more over on The Daily Post blog.

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