One of the things that has surprised and delighted me about early spring in Northumberland is the number of snowdrops, which seem to grow wild in huge numbers on every verge, and on any stretch of waste ground.

In France, we found them in a couple of places locally, but I’ve never seen snowdrops growing in such profusion. They’re such a cheerful, optimistic sight, with their promise that winter will end, and give way to spring.

I usually make a pair of snowdrop earrings each year, but with the big house move and settling in here, I just haven’t got around to it. It will have to wait until next year now. At least I know I’ll find plenty of inspiration around me.

2 thoughts on “Snowdrops

  1. We stumbled on some snowdrops (just a little cluster nothing like as riotous as these) when walking in Cantal the other day … we were genuinely surprised because you don’t see many there at all.

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