Latest Designs: Sea Pottery

Sea Pottery Necklace
Sea Pottery Necklace

We are now living much closer to the coast than we used to in France, which is a wonderful thing as far as I’m concerned. I’m very drawn to the sea, and Northumberland has a particularly stunning stretch of coastline. I also love beach combing, pottering along the beach and finding hidden treasures amongst the sand and pebbles.

As you will know, I have several sea glass designs, and I’ve been lucky enough recently to find some pieces of sea pottery. These broken shards of ceramic have been smoothed, rounded and softened by the action of the sea in the same way as sea glass, and, just as with sea glass, I love the way that natures takes something that people have discarded, and turns it into a thing of beauty.

I have two necklaces so far, one quite chunky, and the other a little more delicate.

The larger piece was gathered on the beach at Seaham in County Durham, which is well known for its sea glass, but the smaller piece was a lucky find at Alnmouth. The beach is very sandy, so lovely for walking, but less good for finding treasures. However, the tide was down, and there were several pebbly areas in the estuary, which is where I picked up the shard.

Obviously, I’m planning lots more trips to the coast, once the weather becomes a little more temperate. We’ve had very strong winds and squally rain for the past few days, and whilst it’s lovely to be beside the sea in any weather, I prefer not to be sandblasted as I walk!

You can find my sea pottery necklaces, together with other new designs, in the Bilberry and Birch shop.

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