Latest Designs: Silver Hare Necklace

I’m just about ready for the opening of the Bilberry and Birch Etsy shop on 1st February. I still have a couple of new designs to photograph and add, but one that I did manage to get done today was this silver and copper hare necklace.

It features a silver running hare, set against a rising sun of beautifully burnished copper, and it comes complete with a silver chain, in a choice of lengths and styles.

In mythology, hares are sacred to the moon goddess. They are strongly associated with growth, rebirth and new beginnings, and this symbolism is reinforced by the copper rising sun.

Here are some more images.

You can also see a sneaky preview of my new packaging in the photo above. I have some beautiful, sumptuous new plum-coloured satin ribbon, which matches the colour in my logo. I’m really looking forward to packaging up my first sale.

The hare is part of my Moor collection, and I also have a lovely little pair of matching silver post earrings. Find them both, together with many other new designs,  in the Bilberry and Birch shop when it opens on Wednesday 1st February.

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