A Winter Walk

We’re due to move in just over a fortnight, and I’m trying to take a break from the packing to get around some of my favourite walks for one last time. Partly to say goodbye to the landscapes, partly because I’m thinking of joining a walking group in Northumberland, and I don’t want to be left behind by a lot of super-fit people on my first outing.

Yesterday was very cold, without sunshine, but I set off undaunted and well wrapped up on a walk which is fairly short, but has quite a bit of ascent. I didn’t mind that for once, as it warmed me up, and revealed some stunning views.

As you can see, a mist was lingering in the river valley. I don’t think the temperature rose above freezing all day in places. I certainly found some pockets where the trees and plants were still thickly rimed with frost, and looking rather lovely, in an unworldly sort of way..

Although it has finally turned cold, we have yet to see any snow this winter, which is very unusual. We’re hoping that it doesn’t arrive just as we’re leaving, and a large removal lorry is attempting the steep hill up to the house.

2 thoughts on “A Winter Walk

  1. We drove from Bognor to home on New Years Eve finally reaching Champs sur Tarentaine at 0300 having left our friends at 0800. We drove most of the way (and had chosen the eastern route we sometimes take down through Reims and Troyes to Bourges and thence Auvergne which avoids Paris and is often easier than going West through Rouen and Chartres) through fog and ice and everywhere was rime-iced to perfection but I had no camera to hand as we crawled along. So thank you for your wonderful pictures which capture what we saw and good luck as you get ready for the move. Having lived at altitude for these past several years I reckon you will have no problem keeping up with a Northumbrian walking group!

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