latest designs: delicate amber

My latest amber designs are these simple, delicate short drop earrings, and co-ordinating choker necklace.

The earrings each feature two cognac coin beads, and they hang from a semi-hoop handmade silver wire. The necklace has a centrepiece of three cognac coin beads, together with two tiny, irregular beads in dark cognac. It is completed by a very fine silver curb chain.

Amber is a natural material, formed from the fossilised resin of coniferous trees. It is traditionally associated with protection and healing, and it is said to promote feelings of wellbeing. It is one of the birthstones for the month of November.

Looking around at the trees at the moment, it seems entirely appropriate that amber is associated with autumn birthdays. The rich orange, yellow and brown tones of the beads perfectly reflect the shades of the season.


These are probably the last amber designs that I’ll be adding for a while, and as with my other amber designs, as I have now pretty much used all the amber beads that I bought from an antique fair back in the summer. Obviously they’d be the perfect gift for anyone with a November birthday, and don’t forget that Christmas is rapidly approaching now.

Find my range of amber jewellery, together with my other designs, in my online shop.

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