latest designs: sea glass ring

claw set sea glass and silver ring
claw set sea glass and silver ring

My experiments with sea glass continue. Since I first posted about working with this lovely reclaimed material, I have completed some more pendants, and this silver band ring.

I’m really rather pleased with the ring, and even though it is adjustable, I have taken the precaution of making it in my size, just in case!

The band is 1.5mm silver sheet, which is much thicker than I’m used to working with, but gives the ring a very pleasing solid, chunky look. I think it needs the weight to balance the rustic claw setting, and the size of the sea glass. It’s a bold, statement ring, but the way it twists around the finger gives it an organic feel.

I’m really enjoying working with sea glass. I’m fascinated by the way every piece is completely unique, in terms of shape, colour, and surface finish. Some pieces are really smooth and polished, whilst others have a more frosted finish, with many small marks and abrasions. For me, one of the joys of using sea glass is that each finished design is a one-off, and will never be exactly replicated. However, it’s also giving me a bit of a headache when it comes to trying to match pieces for earrings. I think I may have to accept that I’m not going to find perfect pairs, and hope that people will accept that small differences are a feature of the material.

I now have a separate section of my shop dedicated to sea glass. I’ll be adding new designs regularly, particularly as I’m hoping to acquire some new raw materials next week.

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