new designs: leaping hares

Hares are usually associated with springtime, when they can be seen running and boxing each other, so obviously I’ve waited until autumn to make these silver hare earrings. Oops. Still, hares are such beautiful, elegant creatures that they deserve to be celebrated all year round.

These earrings are actually my second recent design to feature a leaping hare. The first is a mixed metal pendant, with a silver hare on a patinated copper pendant, which you can see in the photo gallery below. I decided that the hare shape would lend itself really well to post earrings.

As you can see, the hares are tiny, and very fiddly to cut out and finish. My original design had all four legs showing, but it looked too fussy, so I’m afraid the hare lost two of its limbs during the creative process.

The earrings are available from my online shop. The pendant has already been snapped up, and has gone to a new home, in Martinique no less. I’m planning to make another one very soon.

4 thoughts on “new designs: leaping hares

  1. I love these and they inspire a thought: do you ever make ‘house jewelry’? Is that a thing? I don’t actually wear much in the way of jewelry or accessories myself but I love so many of your designs. They would look great (in slightly bigger format) as decoration!

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