auvergne landscapes: first autumn walk

I have been out walking since the beginning of September, but today was the first time that it felt properly autumnal. A little too autumnal, actually. I could have done with a slightly less of the mist, and more of the mellow fruitfulness and maturing sun. The wonderful colours made up for the weather though. The bracken is looking at its very best at the moment, and the first of the leaves are just starting to turn.

It’s been a long, hot summer, but we have had some cooler spells, with regular rain, which seems to have been ideal for berries. The hawthorns are all laden with fruit, and there are some very plump sloes in the hedgerows.

The brambles are also doing well – possibly too well in some cases. Lets hope this car won’t be needed in the near future.


I spotted this robin’s pin cushion on the stem of a dog rose. It’s a gall, with a hard centre, which houses the larvae of a wasp. You can supposedly dry and power the gall, and use it to cure colic, but I think I’ll pass on that particular folk remedy.

robin's pin cushion
robin’s pin cushion

They look like alien lifeforms, but very beautiful ones, especially when beaded with moisture. The mist had turned to drizzle at this point, by the way. I’m looking forward to some sunshine later in the month, and to the trees really looking their best as autumn progresses.

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