sea glass, framed in silver

I mentioned in my last post that I was planning to try working with pieces of sea glass and silver wire. Well, I did just that, and these are my first two pieces.

They are both pendants, one in a pale aqua green colour, the other a sea foam white. Both have been framed within a band of thin silver wire, and secured with a sort of adapted claw setting.

They’re fairly tricky to make, as I have to get the silver to follow the uneven contours of the sea glass, then cut and solder it to exactly the right size. And that’s before I start with adding the ‘claws’. The end result is very pleasing though.

I love sea glass. There is something very satisfying about discarded rubbish being turned into a beautiful jewel by the action of the sea. I used to have a huge collection, gathered from the beach where my parents live in Lincolnshire. Sadly, that was before I started making jewellery. Now that I have finally found a practical use for it, a change in the way the sea defences are managed on that part of the coast means that sea glass is much less common there. I only have a very few pieces of glass that are suitable for mounting at the moment. Fortunately, we have friends living further up the north sea coast, and they have been hard at work collecting raw materials for me.

Can’t wait to get my hands on this little lot! All the glass I use is genuine natural sea glass, gathered form the seashore, and I don’t cut, sand, polish or varnish it. Every piece is completely unique, which is part of its beauty, but it does mean that making earrings is slightly tricky. I have yet to find two pieces that are similar enough to create even a vaguely matching pair. The hunt continues.

I’m working on a couple more pendants at the moment, and definitely want to carry on working with this gorgeous material. You can find my finished pieces in my online shop.

This post is loosely in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge, which is ‘Frame’. There are some really beautifully framed shots over on The Daily Post blog.

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