news from the workshop: re-discovering copper


There comes a point every summer when all of the colour seems to have been bleached from the landscape, and I start to long for the rich, deep tones of autumn.

I think I’ve pretty much reached that point. We’re having a mini heatwave here, the hay has all been cut and baled, and the fields are a dull yellow colour. Maybe that’s why I’ve been working with copper for the past couple of weeks.

I think that copper is much under-appreciated as a metal for jewellery, and it can have gorgeous rich, mellow, autumn tones. The down side is that it can also look very garish and orangey when polished. It also oxidises quite quickly and dramatically when exposed to the air, and it may leave green marks on the skin.

I do have both a soft sheen wax and a gloss laqueur to seal the metal and prevent these issues arising, so I have decided to overcome my qualms, and make some new copper pieces. Here are the results so far.

I have plans for some more of the circular shawls pins, in different sizes and finishes, but typically I’m running short of copper sheet, and I’m awaiting a delivery. I made the copper claw setting for a piece of green sea glass as an experiment for myself. I’m pretty pleased with the outcome, so I may try some in silver for the shop. The two pendants show the beautiful and varied tones that you can get when you heat copper with a torch.

I won’t be idle whilst I wait for my copper, as I have some new amber beads to work with (more autumn tones), and I have lots of ideas for new designs using those. I just hope it cools down at the end of the week as forecast – heating and hammering metal is very hot work in temperatures of over 30c. Roll on autumn.

Find all of my new copper designs in my online shop.


6 thoughts on “news from the workshop: re-discovering copper

  1. That’s lovely, very Celtic shoulder brooch!
    I’m actually hoping summer will last a little longer as we have so much to do outside. It’s much easier to paint and sand furniture in the fresh air

  2. Sorry, don’t want to ill wish your furniture renovation activities! Something around the mid 20s c would suit me, which we often get in September.

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