where the bee dances

bumble bee and lavender
bumble bee and lavender

Our lavender is looking really splendid this year, much to the delight of this enormous bee. I assume it’s a bumble bee of some sort, but I have failed badly with bee identification in the past, so I’m unwilling to commit myself! Please do leave a comment if you know exactly what sort of bee it is.

It’s around 2cm long, and obviously quite heavy, as it was weighing down the individual lavender stalks as it landed on them. It also has a very loud buzz, as you can hopefully hear on this video.

I’ve only ever noticed the one bee around the lavender at a time, so I’m assuming it’s the same one making repeated visits. It stays for around 5 minutes at a time, visiting numerous flowers. The good news is that despite its size and the volume of its buzz, it isn’t at all aggressive, and seemed unperturbed by my attempts to photograph it.

By the way, I have borrowed the title of this post from Michael Nyman‘s amazing composition for saxophone and chamber orchestra. 

3 thoughts on “where the bee dances

  1. Lovely bumble. Possibly Bombus lucorum (white tailed bee) but I know you have more species there in France than here in Ireland. So could be something else. So sad the incident in Nice last night. Thinking of you all in France particularly Nice today.

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