news from the workshop: a flotilla of seahorses

silver seahorse drop earrings
silver seahorse drop earrings

Having carried out extensive research (that’ll be five minutes on the internet then), I have discovered that the collective noun for seahorses is ‘herd’.  A herd of seahorses. That just sounds wrong. It’s a word that doesn’t begin to do justice to these weird, graceful, beautiful creatures, and I’ve decided to go with ‘flotilla’ instead.

So, the news is that I’ve been hard at work on a flotilla of silver seahorses.

I have done some one-off seahorse pieces before, but this time I’ve modified the design slightly, and worked on creating a co-ordinated collection. I have post and drop earrings, pendants in two sizes, and a charm bracelet. They’re a very pleasing shape to work on, but fiddly to cut and file, and I have to confess to being slightly sick of the sight of them by the time I’d finished! I’m very happy with the results though.

Seahorses are present in the mythology of many different cultures, and are associated with strength and protection. They are said to bring good luck, and seahorse charms were often carried by sailors. Sadly, their numbers are in decline, due to habitat loss and their use in traditional Chinese medecine.

I’ve always thought of seahorses as being fairly small, but apparently they can be as large as 35cm long. Mine are slightly more petite than that, ranging from two to four cm. You can gat a better look at my little flotilla over in my Etsy online shop. 

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