weekly photo challenge: curve


Allier Valley landscape, framed by the curve of the porch of the Eglise de St Marie, at St Julien des Chazes.

We have been meaning to visit this tiny, isolated church since we first saw it in 2009 , from the window of the ‘train touristique‘, which winds down through the gorges of the River Allier. Yesterday, we finally made it, on a very hot and sunny day.

It was worth both the wait, and the drive down a very narrow twisting lane to get to the church, which stands alone, on the opposite side of the river from the nearby village. The second of the two landscape photographs below was taken from the train in 2009, hence the slightly elevated view, on what was obviously a very similar day.

It’s a beautiful setting, in a wooded valley with the river running by, and as as is so often the case in these parts, we had the place entirely to ourselves.

We also got a good view of a pair of crag martins feeding their young, their nest tucked away high up under the porch roof. It was too far for me to get a photograph, but David had a long lens, and managed to get some really good ones, which he has kindly let me use.

I’m quite late posting my response to the photo challenge this week, so you’ll find many more curvy photographs over on The Daily Post blog.

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