news from the workshop: further adventures with aluminium

red aluminium flower earrings

It has been raining on and off for most of the week, and although we’ve been lucky to escape the terrible flooding that has affected parts of France, it has been fairly miserable. However, a silver lining for every cloud etc – it has given me the opportunity to do some work with my new coloured aluminium sheet.

Last time I posted, I had completed three leaf necklaces. I have now added some matching leaf earrings, and these lovely bold flower designs.

I’m particularly pleased with the flowers, and making them certainly brought a much-needed splash of colour and brightness to my rather gloomy workshop. I actually had to light the woodburner at one point, which is unheard of in June.

I’ve really got the aluminium bug now, and I’m planning more designs, plus I have some new colours on order. I’m also working on a version of the flower pendant in silver, because I like the shape so much. Keep an eye out here for updates, or if you’re on instagram, I post photos of work in progress there.

As always, you can see all my designs in my online shop.

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