flowers and bees

We are continuing to leave areas of our garden a little wilder this year, in order to provide food for bees and butterflies.

It’s still a little early for many of the butterflies, although I did see a swallowtail a few days ago, but we do have a lot of bees visiting, and hopefully pollenating our fruit as well as the wildflowers.

This one has found a scabious. There have been a lot of these bees (at least I think they’re a type of bee) in the garden this year. Our neighbours have some hives, so they could be visiting from there. I’ll have to ask for part shares in the honey!

2 thoughts on “flowers and bees

  1. Nice photo – it’s actually a bee mimic – a drone fly which is technically a hoverfly, but they are important pollinators along with the bees so great for attracting into your garden.

  2. Really? I thought it looked a bit shifty! Ah well, it’s very welcome. We do definitely have some honey bees visiting, so I’m not relinquishing my claim to some honey 😉

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