news from the workshop: a splash of colour

red aluminium maple leaf necklace

I’ve been experimenting with a new material – anodised coloured aluminium. I came across it quite by accident, looking for plain aluminium sheet, and I was totally captivated by the bold, vibrant colours. They immediately made me think of leaves and flowers, and I ordered sheets in red, green and yellow to give it a try.

The colours are as intense as I hoped, and it’s lovely to work with, although you have to be careful not to mark the surface when sawing and drilling. I particularly like the way you can see the exposed silver of the raw aluminium on the cut edges. Aluminium can’t be soldered like silver, so joining pieces would take a little ingenuity.

I have lots of plans for future designs, but for the moment I have completed these three leaf necklaces, in three colours. I decided early on that the bold colours called for bold, simple shapes, without any fussy detail.

The pendants hang from sleek silver-plated circular necklets. They are a fun. modern, colourful alternative to my silver designs, and I’ve tried to keep the prices affordable. They’d certainly bring a splash of colour to your spring and summer outfits, and would make great gifts for friends.

I’m going to be making some matching earrings next, then I’m planning flowers and butterflies, plus I’m now hankering after more colours. In the mean time, the completed leaf designs are available in my online shop.


7 thoughts on “news from the workshop: a splash of colour

  1. Either would be ideal for Kirsten; her birthday is not till September so no rush!
    Out if interest, how long did it take for your Etsy shop to get established? we’ve just opened one

  2. You’ve motivated me to get some ordered 🙂
    My shop was fairly slow for the first year, to be honest, and a lot of people I’ve spoken to say the same. The way the internal searches work, the more sales you have, the better your exposure, so you just have to give it time to grow. Having more items for sale helps too. The best advice seems to be to keep working on titles and tags, and promote via social media. What is your shop name? I must pop over and take a look!

  3. I also have a scrolling gallery on top right of my blog under the etsy shop link which shows pieces we’ve already sold. Mostly via eBay but their fees are high

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