weekly photo challenge: face


This face can be found on the door of the Basilique Saint-Julien in Brioude.

I assume that it’s cast in bronze. I initially thought that it was a monkey, but looking again I’m not sure. An imp maybe?

It’s funny how you can both notice and not notice things at the same time. I must walk past this door three or four times a week, and I was vaguely aware that it had a fancy door knocker, but it was only having this challenge in the back of my mind that made me actually look at it closely. Having done so, I’m intrigued by the expression on the face. Sometimes I think it looks quite kindly, then I look again, and it appears to be threatening and rather sinister. Maybe the writing around the outside gives a clue, if only I could read it.

There are faces galore, most of them better looking than this fellow, over on the Daily Post Blog.

3 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: face

  1. Such a good question, an imp or a monkey…I’m guessing it is a cross between the two. A very intricate door knob. Sort of blends into the door but at the same time, it jumps out at you if you look twice. Great spotting 🙂

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