news from the workshop: hibiscus


hibiscus flower earrings

I’ve been working hard on a commission for the past few days. My customer had seen and liked my poppy earrings, but wanted a pair featuring Hawaiian flowers. You know the ones – you see them on Hawaiian shirts. I have since discovered that they are hibiscus flowers, and that the yellow hibiscus is the national flower of Hawaii. I usually take my inspiration from what’s around me, so as you may have gathered, I had to do a bit of research for this project. Thank goodness for the internet.

The flowers were a lovely shape to work with, so no problem there. I had to think about how to do the central stamen, which is such a feature of the blooms, but eventually decided on a piece of silver wire, melted into a ball on one end, and hammered flat on the other. I had to be careful not to melt the wire when soldering these into place, but everything went smoothly. I played Guy Garvey’s lovely album Courting the Squall a lot whilst making these. So many beautiful songs, the title track being my favourite, closely followed by Electricity and Juggernaut.

The flowers were hammered in the same way as my poppies, then gently domed, and polished to a high shine. All that was left then was to make a pair of safety wires.

My customer has yet to see the finished earrings in the flesh, but she is happy with the photograph, so I’m hopeful that they’ll be a success. I’m always open to commissions, providing that I think I can do a good job. If you like one of my designs, but would prefer something a little different, do drop me a line, and I’ll see what I can do. You can get in touch via my contact page, or email

One thought on “news from the workshop: hibiscus

  1. These are beautiful. My husband is a regular visitor to Hawaii (his main observatory is on Mauna Kea) – I wonder if he has the faintest idea that the yellow hibiscus is the national flower!

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