weekly photo challenge: abstract

lichen on stone

The WordPress photo challenge this week asks us to share an abstract photograph. I have chosen this one of lichen on stone – actually the parapet of an old bridge across the River Doulon.

I didn’t take it specifically for the challenge. I was fascinated by the tiny worlds created by the lichen. It looks like an old map, showing green continents set in a grey ocean, or even an ariel photograph.

It’s often the tiny details of everyday things that fascinate me, as much as the broader sweep of the landscape. I love the way that even the most familiar things can look strange and altered when viewed close up and removed from their context. They become abstract canvases, created by an impressionist painter.

Here’s another photograph that I took on the same day, of a clump of moss on the bridge. Seen close up, it’s a tiny forest in its own right.


You can see many more abstract images over on the Daily Post Blog. The author speaks of the role his short-sightedness plays in the way he sees and interprets the world, and I can’t help wondering if my own very poor eyesight is a factor in my fascination with the micro-world.


3 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: abstract

  1. Such a creative shot for this week’s challenge. The lichen on stone really does look a bit like a world map, and for a moment there I was trying to figure out which countries they were 😀 As for the second photos, it looks like fruit is growing out of that moss 😀

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