news from the workshop: tulips

Spring is all around us now, and it’s finding its way into my designs. This matching pendant and necklace, for instance, are a design based on tulip flowers.

They’re slightly more abstract than many of my designs, and I was influenced by the art deco style, which was popular during the 1920s and 1930s. The style was characterised by angular, streamlined geometric shapes, and stylised flowers were a common motif.

The tulip shapes on the necklace were pierced out of a square sheet of silver by hand, using a tiny saw blade. This is quite a tricky process, but it’s worth the effort, as the result is a lovely delicate, filigree pendant. The pendant hangs from an omega chain, which has a very smooth, sleek finish that complements the pendant.

The earrings are slightly more conventional posts, cut from sheet silver, and given a highly polished mirror finish.

Tulips are flowers with an interesting history. They originated in the Ottoman Empire, and when they were imported into Holland in the sixteenth century, people went wild for them. During a period known as ‘Tulip Mania’, the price of bulbs went sky high, until the market eventually crashed, leaving many investors with huge financial losses. Sounds familiar?

The symbolic meaning of the tulip flower varies according to its colour, but a red tulip means perfect love, and its black centre is said to represent the heart of the lover, darkened by passion. It is the traditional flower for an eleventh wedding anniversary.

We don’t grow tulips at the moment, although they are starting to appear in other people’s gardens, and it’s nice to see yet another sign that the season has turned.

Both necklace and earrings are available now from the Harvest Moon Shop, either as individual pieces, or as a set.


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