a walk to La Trinité



I’ve been trying to walk more regularly over the past couple of weeks, encouraged by a new app on my phone, which sends me cheery little motivational messages such  as “nice work!” and “keep hitting new highs!”

In the interests of varying my route, I decided to visit the chapel of La Trinité, which is no light undertaking, as it is set in a very isolated location way down in a valley. It’s a beautiful setting. You can glimpse the church through the trees as you approach at this time of year, but in summer you don’t see it at all until you’re suddenly standing right in front of it.

It’s an extraordinarily large building to be in such an isolated location. Apparently it used to serve a now long-gone fortified building nearby.

I didn’t pick the sunniest day to visit, but I did see many signs of the progress of spring, including some beautiful kingcups, or marsh marigolds, growing on the margin of a tiny, crystal clear spring.

It’s a there-and-back-again walk from our house which, together with the amount of climbing involved, led to a very pleasing elevation graph on my phone app, and a hearty “nice work!”.




3 thoughts on “a walk to La Trinité

    1. It’s surprisingly motivating! It called Runkeeper, if you have an Android phone.

  1. Isn’t it interesting how the crucified Christ is depicted on Auvergne crosses with over-sized hands. I’ve no idea if it extends beyond the region but I must try and find out some time. I’m with your app …. ‘Good Work’!

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