instagram challenge days 1 & 2

I have an account over on Instagram where I share images from my day. There are some work in progress shots, things I see whilst out walking, landscapes, and the occasional cat photo. Whatever takes my fancy, really. I’m @harvestmoonjewellery, or You can find me here if you’re interested.

For the next two weeks, I’m going to be doing something a little more structured. I’m taking part in an Instagram Challenge, and will be responding to a new prompt each day. I’m on day 2, and it’s already proving more creative and challenging than I anticipated, so I though I’d share my posts here too.

Day 1: photo equipment, and here I am with my trusty light tent and daylight bulbs, attempting to get a decent shot of a small, shiny silver object.

Day 2: tag-mania. I always agonise over the tags and keywords that I use for my designs, so I thought that visualising them as actual tags might help!

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