weekly photo challenge: state of mind

Summit of Scarfell Pike
Summit of Scarfell Pike

This week’s photo challenge asks us to share a photograph which has a strong connection between the image, and what we felt as we pressed the shutter.

My image shows the summit of Scarfell Pike, in the English Lake District. It is the highest peak in England, topping out at 978 metres. We climbed it in May 2009, something that I had wanted to do since we first started walking seriously a few years earlier. My over-riding emotion at the time was elation, at having made it to the top, and at being, for a brief moment, at the highest point in the country.

Here I am, looking elated.


It had actually been a difficult climb towards the end, as it was very, very windy, to the extent that we had considered turning back at one point. But we pressed on, and things improved when we got into the lee of the hill, and we got safely to the summit. I’m not so much leaning on that cairn as hanging on for dear life (I have a possibly irrational fear of being physically blown away by strong winds).

Just to show how changeable the weather can be in the hills, and why you should always be properly equipped, the photos below show that we set off in warm, bright sunshine, and I was wearing a short-sleeved shirt.

By the time we reached the summit, I was fully togged out in fleece, coat, hat and gloves, and I still wasn’t over-warm.

Looking at the photographs of that day still makes me smile, and feel a great sense of achievement. Funnily enough, we now live at an altitude of 750m, and I only have to stroll up the lane for a fairly short way to get to a point higher that Scarfell Pike, which I suppose just goes to show that everything is relative.

You can see other emotionally charged images over on the Daily Post blog.

2 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: state of mind

  1. Good to see what it looks like. When I did it there was no view at the top – that’s a killer because you then have to descend swearing with no reward! And knowing that within a few hours you’ll be climbing Bern Nevis (also without a view!) 🙂

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