who goes there?

Or rather, what goes there? I spotted these paw prints whilst out walking yesterday. 

I’m fairly sure that they belong to a pine marten. Five toes rather than four, so not canine, and the way they were spaced along the muddy verge strongly suggests a pine marten’s gait.

We know that these beautiful and shy animals are around us in the woods, and we’ve seen individuals one two occasions – both fairly fleeting glimpses, unfortunately.

I’m afraid I have no photographs of an actual pine marten to share, but you can see pictures and find out more about them on the Mammal Society’s website.

One thought on “who goes there?

  1. I adore pine martens – have only seen a couple and have no photos but they are absolutely adorable creatures. I harbour a desire to reinvent myself as Bear Grylls which my daughters find acutely embarrassing!

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