weekly photo challenge: seasons


February is often the coldest and snowiest month for us, so this year has been has been a bit of a surprise. We’ve had cold, wet days, some frosts overnight, and a few wintry showers, but we have also had a lot of sunshine, and one day when the temperature hit 20 degrees centigrade.

It’s difficult to sum up all that and capture the season in one photograph, so I thought I’d share an image taken yesterday morning, when the sun was just breaking through after a night of rain.

This is the blossom of a plum cherry, planted as part of our native hedgerow. This hedge was planted just over three years ago, to replace a huge and very overgrown conifer hedge. The plants mostly looked like dead twigs when we planted them, but they’ve done really well, and we pruned them for the first time this autumn.

The plum cherry has responded particularly well, and for the first time has given us this beautiful, delicate blossom. A little early maybe, but that’s how this season has been, and certainly a welcome harbinger of full spring.

There are many, many more images capturing the seasons over on the Daily Post blog, and it’s fascinating seeing how February is looking in different areas of the world.

3 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: seasons

  1. That is such a beautiful shot. It looks as if that flower, the cherry blossom, is a crystal. Almost sparkling and almost resembling glass. Wonderful. It sounds like some days are much warmer than others this winter for you. It is summer here in Australia, and some days are certainly much more warmer than others that it is best to stay indoors 🙂

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