news from the workshop: rings on their fingers

You wait a couple of months for an order for a ring, and then three come along at once. As a result of which, I’ve mostly been making rings for the past few days.

The first order was for a pair of hammered silver stacking rings, but in different sizes, so clearly not intended for one person to wear together. Interesting. It later transpired that they were destined to be wedding rings, which threw me into a bit of a panic initially. It’s quite a responsibility to make someone’s wedding ring, never mind a matching pair. However, as the marriage is taking place in April, and they’re only just ordering rings, I figured that it’s going to be a fairly low key ceremony, and relaxed a bit.

The third ring was one of my silver birch designs, which is made from thicker silver wire, and is altogether a bigger and chunkier ring. It’s interesting how much ring sizes vary, as you can see in the picture below.

They’re all finished, boxed up and tied with ribbon, and dispatched now. I just hope they all fit!

I make these closed rings to order, so if you fancy treating yourself, take a look at the designs over in my shop.


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