news from the workshop: the moon and more

silver full moon necklace
silver full moon necklace

I’ve been busy over the past week or so, finishing off some of the designs that I had started, then set aside to work on a commission.

The first is this full moon necklace. I really wanted to capture the rough, cratered appearance of the surface of the moon, so I started by adding some little ‘craters’ with a punch tool. I then heated the surface of the silver circle until it just started to melt and form ripples, a process known as reticulation. It’s a bit of a risk, as you never really know how the silver will react, and what you’re going to end up with. I was pretty pleased with this though, especially once it had been oxidised and polished. The lunar pendant comes with a silver omega chain.

These poppy earrings are not a new design, but I haven’t had any for sale since the autumn, so I thought is was time to set to and make some more. I’m not actually sure that I’ve ever had a drop and post pair in the shop at the same time before.

Finally, I’ve added more colour options for my silver leaf and pearl earrings. They’re now available with red, purple, white, golden, or brown pearls. I’ll be doing the same with the co-ordinating bracelets and necklaces very soon.

So, not a bad few days work, all in all. The weather is looking a bit wet and miserable for the rest of the week, so I’ll probably be spending a bit of time in the workshop. Watch out for the next update.


One thought on “news from the workshop: the moon and more

  1. You will be selling another pair of those poppies some time this year when I invest in the match for my daughter’s lovely bracelet 🙂

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