monday verse: winter


A simple passage of weak notes
Is all the winter bird dare try
The bugle moon by daylight floats

So glassy white about the sky,
So like a berg of hyaline,
And pencilled blue so daintily,

I never saw her so divine
But through black branches, rarely drest
In scarves of silky shot and shine.

from Winter by Gerard Manley Hopkins

I’m generally not that fond of poems that have such strong rhymes and insistent metre as this one, but I definitely share the sentiments about the moon, so I’ll make an exception in this case.

In case you were wondering, ‘hyaline’ means ‘having glassy surface appearance.’ And yes, I did have to look it up.

One thought on “monday verse: winter

  1. Daintily is now my official word of the week … I will try and incorporate it aptly into a couple of conversations because it is such a pretty word and too much overlooked 🙂

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