news from the workshop: I started something…


In fact, I have started several somethings over the past couple of weeks, but so far I have failed to finish any of them.

I had some ideas for new earrings, so in a fit on enthusiasm, I set to and sawed out all the shapes I needed. I got as far as filing them, and giving them an initial rub over, when the components I had ordered for a commission piece arrived in the post. There is a long story involving a courier and his (not very strenuous) efforts to deliver this package, but I’ll spare you the details.

Earrings temporarily set to one side, I started work on my commission, a silver brooch featuring a holly leaf. I had the new album by Daughter to listen to, which I felt sure would speed me on my way. Surely even the loss of my chair to my feline helper couldn’t slow me down?

Over a week, and many swear words, later, and I’m finally on the home straight with it. It’s been a very tricky job, more so than I anticipated, and I’ve listened to that album a fair few times, I can tell you. It’s highly recommended, by the way. At one point (well, quite a few points, if I’m being honest) my work table was in a state of total chaos.


I’m usually fairly tidy when I work, but I seem to have nearly every tool I own scattered across the table top.

I just have a bit of final polishing to do now, then I can finally return to those neglected earrings. I’ll share some pictures of the brooch in a couple of days, when it’s completely finished.

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