news from the workshop: silver snowdrops with freshwater pearls


It occurred to me when I was posting Ted Hughes’ poem Snowdrops that I hadn’t thought about making any snowdrop earrings this year. An omission that needed to be rectified quickly, before the flowers themselves have been and gone!

I’ve made a pair of snowdrop earrings for each of the past three years, varying the design each time. This year, for the first time, I have incorporated some silvery-white freshwater pearls, which I think have worked really well. Sadly, I heard he news that David Bowie had died whilst I was working on them, so there was only really one choice for my musical accompaniment.

Snowdrops are usually one of the first flowers to appear, before spring has really begun, and they often push their way through snow. In French, they are known as perce-neige, for this reason. They are delightful little flowers, very clean and delicate-looking, although I suppose they must actually be very tough. Because they are one of the first signs that winter is ending, they are associated with hope and consolation, and they are one of the birth flowers for the month of January.

You can find the earrings in my online shop, but you’ll need to hurry if you’re thinking about a gift for someone with a January birthday.



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