gift ideas for january birthdays

silver birch earrings, drop and post versions
silver birch earrings, drop and post versions

Did you know that the silver birch tree is associated with the star sign capricorn? Apparently, according to Celtic tree astrology, this is indeed the case. I’m not sure how historically accurate this is (not entirely, I suspect), but its a beguiling idea. The birch, known as the goddess tree or lady of the woods, is one of the first trees to come into leaf in the spring, and it is associated with protection, renewal and new beginnings, so maybe the link with a star sign that spans the end of the old year and the start of the new does make some sort of sense.

silver birch jewellery
silver birch jewellery

Whether you subscribe to astrology and mythology or not, a piece of jewellery inspired by the boldly marked trunks of silver birch trees would make a lovely gift for anyone with a birthday in January, and you still have a couple of weeks left before capricorn gives way to aquarius. See the full range of designs in my online shop.

The more obvious gift for January is the garnet, the birthstone for the month. This beautiful pinky red stone has been used as a gemstone since the Bronze Age, and it is said to have protective and healing powers.

garnet jewellery
garnet jewellery

As well as being the birthstone for the month of January, the garnet is also (slightly confusingly) the zodiac stone for the star sign aquarius, and the gemstone traditionally given to celebrate a second wedding anniversary. Again, see the full range in my shop.


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