november snow



I don’t get as excited about snow as I used to, as we’re pretty much guaranteed two or three ‘chutes de neige’ each winter here. But there is still something quite magical about waking up and finding the landscape transformed, at least for the first time it happens each year.

Here are some pictures from our walk earlier today. I love the fact that some of the deciduous trees still have their leaves, and stand out really vividly amidst the snow-dusted conifers.

Fortunately, this spell of cold weather was forecast well in advance, so we were all ready for it, with the winter tyres fitted to the car, plenty of logs split and stacked, and warm hats and gloves unearthed from their summer hiding places.

4 thoughts on “november snow

  1. Oh these images are beautiful – thank you SO much for joining in with Making Winter. We’ve had no snow as yet here in the Fens x

  2. Thank you Emma, it’s a wonderfully optimistic thing for this time of year. I wish I’d discovered it sooner, I’d have been madly hashtagging on Instagram 🙂

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