news from the workshop: copper oak leaf

copper oak leaf ring
copper oak leaf ring
I’ve not spent that much time in my workshop for the past week, lured outside by the autumn sunshine and unseasonably high temperatures. I’ve also been waiting for some new supplies to arrive before I start on a very special one-off order for a customer. I did, however, receive an order for one of my oak leaf rings.

I make these in both copper and silver, and they’re one of my favourite pieces. This particular one was in copper, and for a gentleman, so it was the largest size I’ve ever made. The rings are oxidised, then rubbed back to allow the surface of the metal to show through in places. The finish is slightly different each time, and every ring is unique.

It’s a very appropriate design for this time of year. The oak leaves are turning through golden-yellow to a dark coppery-brown, and starting to fall and carpet to woodland floor.

If you fancy an autumnal oak leaf ring yourself, they are available in both copper and silver in my online shop.

4 thoughts on “news from the workshop: copper oak leaf

  1. Hi Amelia, yes, the rings are not soldered shut, so it is possible to make adjustments yourself if you’re not sure of an exact ring size.

  2. I see these rings are unisex , but would you make them slightly bigger for a man?
    I would love one for Trevor but have no idea of his ring size and no idea how to measure without arousing suspicion!!

  3. I’d have the same issue with my OH! If people really have no idea, I tend to make them to the most popular UK ring size (M for a lady, T for a man). They’re fairly easy to adjust.

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