weekly photo challenge: (extra)ordinary

Starlings are very underrated birds. From a distance, they can appear to be rather drab and dull. Seen close to, however, they really are extraordinary, with a beautiful irridescent sheen to their plumage.

They are also amazing mimics. The one in the photograph convincingly (and rather confusingly) imitated a level crossing warning, a mobile phone ringtone and a bunch of keys being rattled within the space of a couple of minutes. 

A few years back, they really would have been a beautiful everyday sight, but sadly their numbers are declining. So let’s appreciate them whilst we still can. 

You can find more (extra)ordinary photographs over on the Daily Post blog.

4 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: (extra)ordinary

  1. Ah, this beautiful creature is a Starling! We were away last week-end and there were simply dozens of these birds seemingly EVERYWHERE we went but we didn’t know what they were. Now we know – thank you! 🙂

  2. I used to think of them as rock n roll birds when I was growing up on account of their slick shiny plumage and loud changing voices. It’s so sad that what we called normal is becoming rare – this is another example … world wake up!

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