news from the workshop: moonstones

moonstone jewellery
moonstone jewellery

I love moonstones, with their subtle play of milky blue colour, but the supplier I usually go to for my materials does not sell moonstone beads, so I haven’t used them in my designs before. I recently decided to try another supplier, and found these gorgeous 6mm round rainbow moonstone beads. I’m so pleased with them. I got some garnets too, in the same size, but haven’t had a chance to use them yet.

Moonstones have a long history in jewellery design, being popular with both the Egyptians and the Romans. They have a special significance for lovers, and are reputed to reunite couples who have quarrelled, They are a traditional wedding gift. They are said to bring sweet dreams, and they are one of the birthstones for month of June.

Be wary when buying moonstone jewellery, and make sure that you are getting true gemstones, and not “opalite moonstones”, which are a cheaper man-made alternative.

Unsurprisingly, moonstones are strongly associated with the moon, and I decided to use this association in my designs.

Both necklace and earrings feature handmade silver crescent moons, which have been given a light surface texture, then oxidised and polished. This has given then a suitably granular, moon-like surface. It’s hard to capture the true beauty of moonstones in a photograph, as they spark and flare as the light catches them, but I hope you get an idea of how pretty they are.

This new lunar jewellery is available in my online shop now, and I’m sure I’ll be adding some new designs featuring garnets before too long.


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