news from the workshop: it’s all about the seed heads

work in progress

I had a bit of unexpected work to do this weekend. I usually prefer to make my jewellery pieces before offering them for sale, mainly because I find it less pressurised that way, and the customer can see exactly what they are buying. I do however, have a couple of designs that I make to order.

I received an order for two pairs of earrings on Thursday, which was lovely, but wouldn’t you know it, both were made-to-order designs. The lady obviously likes seed head designs! You can get an idea from the main picture of how fiddly they are to make – each of those tiny holes has to be precisely drilled, and the lines carefully cut with a saw. There’s not much margin for error, and that’s before you get to the soldering.

Anyhow, I set to on Friday, to the accompaniment of a lengthy Beatles playlist on my trusty iPod. I had a slightly nasty moment when I realised I only had two earring posts left (note to self – must re-order), but fortunately they both soldered without any issues, and I got the order posted off yesterday.

I think I’ll hold off re-listing these for a while, as I’m busy working on new designs for my shop at the moment, preparing for the winter festival which I won’t name yet for fear of annoying people, but which is only 96 days away.

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