weekly photo challenge: connected

silver ring - rear
rear of a silver ring – solder connection

Making jewellery is partly about ideas and creativity, but a larger element than you might think is concerned with engineering and problem-solving. It’s fine to create a beautiful centrepiece for a design, but you also have to think about how to incorporate it into a practical piece of jewellery, that can be worn comfortably, and will ‘sit’ correctly. In other words, you have to think about connections, about joining different elements together.

As with the main picture, soldering is often the answer, but it is by no means always desirable, or even possible. I also make use of drilled holes, wrapped wire, links, loops, hoops and hooks to create my designs.

There’s been a great response to this week’s photo challenge – you can see a range of other connected photos over on The Daily Post blog.




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