weekly photo challenge: thistles from every angle

I’ve been admiring the huge thistle in our garden for a while now. It looked splendid when the purple flowers were out, and it was a magnet for the bees. But I almost prefer it now that the flowers are done, and the spiky stems and leaves contrast so beautifully with the fluffy softness of the thistledown. I realise that it will be spreading on the breeze, and we’ll probably have a garden full of thistles next year, but I can’t quite bring myself to cut it down yet.

This week’s photo challenge asks us to examine our subjects from every angle. See what other bloggers chose to focus on over on The Daily Post blog.


4 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: thistles from every angle

  1. That’s a beautiful thing you do there, to leave them where they are, despite the “threat/risks”. Who knows, perhaps we’ll get more thistle posts from you next year? If that’s the case, I look forward to it!

  2. I agree they have a great texture, but having had a paddock full of them myself which took many seasons to clear, I only photograph them “in the wild” now.

  3. I like the thistle. In my present regeneration site and after slashing and layering the lantana, thistles are the first plant to thrive. Although introduced and loathed by some, I regard it as a first stage soil enhancer after which it will die out as the tree canopy established.

    Love your photos. Thank-you.

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