new camera

bee on the hyssop

It was David from 750 metres’ birthday this week, so he bought me a gift. I don’t think he’s entirely got the hang of how birthdays work. Anyway, I’m now the proud owner of a new compact digital camera – a Nikon Coolpix no less. It’s very dinky and light, and ideal to slip into a bag and take out and about. I have been using my iPad to take photos around the house and garden, which works OK, but it’s a bit awkward, and way too bulky to carry around.

Obviously I dashed straight out to put the new Nikon through its paces, and I can officially announce that I’m thrilled with it. I’ve only used the auto and macro settings so far, so there’s much more to explore, but I’ve already got some really lovely images.

I even managed to get a reasonable shot of the notoriously difficult-to-photograph Sophie, so it must be good.


So, happy birthday to David, and happy non-birthday to me.

3 thoughts on “new camera

  1. Happy Birthday David – what a lovey gift he gave you and great photos too. Have fun playing!

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