weekly photo challenge: creepy


Picture the scene. You’re walking along a coastal footpath. It’s a winter afternoon, and dusk is just starting to fall. It’s getting dark quite quickly, and you still have a fair way to go. Suddenly you hear a strange, ethereal tinkling sound ahead of you. And you stumble upon this. Creepy.

This is actually a piece of public art on the footpath at Hunt Cliff near Saltburn, and it is rather lovely in its way, but I can’t help feeling that it looks as if it’s been erected by a coven for some sort of sinister purpose. Luring mermaids perhaps, or calling a storm to sink a ship. It’s the apparent randomness of the objects that does it for me. A cat, a horse, a pigeon, a mermaid, a hammer. Why?

If you can bear it, there are many more creepy images over on The Daily Post blog. Warning – includes scary dolls.




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